Northville Road Runners

Please note anyone who would like the award picture from the Classic sent to you, please send your address to I will send it out to you asap.
Thank you for your patience. Congrats on a great race!

Welcome all runners and walkers

Join a group. Join the power of running. See it, feel it, let it empower you.

A running group helps motivate you, challenges, inspires, and rewards you for accomplishing your running goals…as in life. And you get to have some fun along the way. You deserve this. Run with the Northville Road Runners on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. All paces are welcome. The first step is the hardest. Check us out and commit today.

The Northville Road Runners, formerly known as the Redford Road Runners, was founded in 1982 and today has over 100 members. Club members come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life, as well as different running styles and speeds. They are all united in their love for running and walking as well as a desire to promote and participate in quality races, running related activities and social interactions.

The Northville Road Runners are committed to giving back to the community by supporting local races, maintaining Maybury State Park through actions and their annual run “The Classic” which benefits the Friends of Maybury.

Come run with us!

We will run at 9:00 on thanksgiving at Maybury. Pot luck after.
We will have our annual Xmas run December 12th from the Post bar in Plymouth
6:30. Pizza and salad after. See weekly run link for more information

Our Saturday run will now start from the Northville Den, 9:00

All are welcome, all paces and distances are available.

For more information contact





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